Connect & engage your customers with Video
Build Human Relationships, Shorten sales cycles, Increase email conversions, Drive more engagement, qualify more leads, and close deals faster.
Why Testimonio For Your Business?
Video Is The ‘Secret Sauce’ To Dominating Your Online Marketing Campaigns…
Businesses Everywhere Are Embracing The Power Of Video
Emails And Texts With Videos Are X Times More Likely To Get Opened And Clicked
Video Is PROVEN To Instantly Boost Engagement, Get More Clicks, And Boost Sales
Adding Video Testimonials To Your Marketing Is One Of The Fastest And Easiest Ways To Skyrocket Results
With More Businesses Going Online Due To The Pandemic, It’s Crucial To Stand Out From The Crowd, And Adding Video To Your Marketing Is The Best Way To Do Just That
There Are Literally Millions Of Businesses Out There That Know They Should Be Using Video In Their Marketing…
…But Most Of Them Just Aren’t Sure How To Add Video And Get Results…"
Testimonio SIMPLIFIES Adding Video To Your Marketing Campaigns
Imagine if you had a new video tool that could instantly create testimonials in both video, audio, and text format, which helps create trust, increase email conversions, increase email conversions; helps businesses qualify more leads & close more deals faster, and even drive traffic to your client’s sites with no work needed on your part.
That’s exactly what Testimonio  does!
Finally, you can fully automate the process of capturing, embedding, and sharing authentic video, audio, and text testimonials for you or your clients as a service.
And also drive engagement, increase email conversions; helps businesses qualify more leads & close more deals faster; sales reps to close more sales and shorten sales cycles, and helps corporate organizations build trust, and connect with their prospects and customers with video.
What You Can Do With Testimonio
Seamlessly record your screen, CAM, or both to engage leads, and add a brand experience to your brand messages.
Send personalized video emails to your customers.
Copy and Paste videos directly into Gmail, Outlook, or your automation platform.
Add/Create video through the camera, screen, or both upload videos
Create video through the Chrome extension
Collect Video, Audio & Text feedback/Testimonials from your loyal customers for your testimonial and reviews or more purposes.
Collect Video Feedback or Testimonials from your Customers
Receive video, audio, and text feedback from customers
Preview video sent by customers
Send links to customers through different platforms
Effortlessly showcase your products and services. Let your customers see your products and Interact
Testimonio Is Packed With Everything You Need To Skyrocket Conversions For Businesses
Onboard New Customers
Use videos in your activation sequences to show new customers how they can get the most out of your product.
Nurture Leads
Nurture Leads Engage leads over time with video touches that showcase customer stories, product features, and industry best practices.
Get User Testimonials
Use Testimonio  to request video testimonials from your customers, and share them over email, social, or your website.
Drive Sales with Personalized Video
Drive Sales with Personalized Video Engage buyers throughout the sales cycle with personalized video introductions, follow-ups, and product demos. As a sales rep, Spark Real Authentic Conversations & Connections with your clients.
Warm up Cold Emails
Cut through the noise with personalized video emails that humanize your outreach and spark genuine connections.
Follow Up After Meetings
Follow up after meetings or events with video to confirm important details and put a face to the voice.
Maintain Relationships
Keep in touch with contacts with friendly videos to ensure the spark stays alive.
Re-Engage Inactive Lists, friends, Ghosts & Associates
Re-spark relationships that have grown cold with a friendly video and reminder of how you can help your prospect.
Check In With Your Customers
See how customers are doing and remind them you care with friendly video check-ins.
Request Customer FeedBacks
Request feedback videos from customers to have them share feedback with you to better improve their experience.
Instant Screen Sharing
Hit Stop & a link is generated for you to share your video.
Screen+ Camera Recording Screen Capture Feature
Record both videos and screen captures which you can then send to your desired recipients.
Camera Only Recording Mode
This feature lets you record a video of yourself - whatever your camera captures.
The benefits are massive and exponential for everyone in different industries..."
Video Testimonials/Feedback Collect video, audio, or text testimonials/ feedback from your loyal customers for your testimonial and reviews or more purposes.
Send Video Emails Copy and paste videos directly into Gmail, Outlook, or your automation platform.
Show and Still Tell With videos, you can show your customers your awesome products and still talk about them, rather than just talking with words. It doesn't get better than this!
Invite TeamMates Bring your team members to your workspace or account to allow them to request feedback, create videos, and much more!
Record Videos Record a hellos, check-ins, and all kinds of videos right from your computer webcam.
Personalized Video Thumbnails Personalize videos with your customer’s name and logo to show it was made just for them.
Add a Call-to-Action Add a call-to-action right under your video to schedule customers' meetings or provide links to new features.
Request Videos from Customers Request videos from customers to get feedback, issues, and testimonials in their own voices.
The ''Share'' Feature Share your video through slack, text message, or anywhere with a quick-share link.
Integrations with your favourite apps We're looking at 100 Integrations before May. With top email platforms, sales platforms, marketing & social platforms.
Unlimited Video Hosting Record & Upload as many videos as you want.
Screen Recording/ Screen Capture Record your screen, face to capture attention, explain complex ideas & guide customers through your message
Analytics/ Video Insights See exactly how many leads you've generated/ see when your video is watched and for how long.
Video CTAS Guide your customers to take the next step with a clickable call to action directly within your videos.
Animated Preview Every video you record instantly generates an animated video thumbnail with the template, encouraging your viewers or users to click & watch.
Built For Any Business And All Industries
Consider this an extra stream of income as you create video testimonials and videos for local clients. Every kind of business or service needs as many positive reviews and video marketing as possible to thrive.
Testimonio  is perfect for you, it will work like magic in your industry, niche and business and those of your clients...
Testimonio is perfect for...
Offline consultants/sellers
Restaurant Marketing
Marketing For Chiropractors
Boost Sales With Client Testimonials
Car Dealership Marketing
Marketing In The Multi-Billion World Of Finance
Local Business Marketing
Special Occasion Video Messaging
Holiday Marketing
Boost Customer Loyalty With Anniversary
Birthday Marketing
Getting Referrals
Follow Up After Purchase With Video
Ecom Sellers
Social Marketers
Product launchers/info Marketers
Affiliate Marketers
Video Marketers, etc
365 Days Money Back Guarantee
Truth be told, we have now been in business for 10 years, and we fully intend to stay for at the very least another 20 years.
And this is all thanks to you. So in order to give you the best service possible, all our products now include a 365-day money-back guarantee.
So if at any point you feel like the service we are delivering is not worth your money, you can ask us and request a full refund within one year of your purchase.
Here Is Everything You Get
Create Unlimited Videos
Receive Unlimited Feedbacks
Create Unlimited Workspaces
Google Drive Integration
Dropbox Integration
One Drive Integration
Automated Animated Thumbnail Generation
Screen Recording/ Screen Capture
Full Analytics/ Video Insights
Video Call-To-Actions
Instant Auto-Generated Animated Video Preview
Collect Feedback & Testimonials
Add testimonials to your website with no coding!
Build Dedicated Landing Pages For Your Business With Our Assited Builder
Reliable Support via Email, Phone And Chat
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What Is Testimonio?
Testimonio Is The World's First Video Testimonial Builder Which Lets You Collect, Display, And Convert Anywhere Online With The Power Of Video Testimonials, In 60 Seconds Or Less!
How does it work?
Testimonio Helps You Skyrocket Conversions For Any Type Of Business, In 3 Simple Steps…
Step 1 - Collect: Collect Video Testimonials By Creating Testimonial Campaigns In 30 Seconds Or Even Less!
Step 2 - Display: Display Video Testimonials Via Link Sharing, Code Embed, Video Email, And Social Sharing In 30 Seconds Or Even Less!
Step 3 - Convert: Skyrocket Traffic, Leads And Sales Through The Roof Like No Other Marketing Strategy Would Ever Do For You!
Do I Need To Have Any Coding Experience?
Not At All. No Coding Required. Super Fast And Easy User Experience. Step By Step Process Approach. Workflow 100% Intuitive. Adapted To All Internet Connection Speeds.
Will You Teach Me How To Use The App?
Absolutely. Step By Step, Over The Shoulder Video Tutorials Included To Guide You In Every Step Of The Process.
Is There A Monthly Fee?
Nope, But You Must Buy Today. Every Single Testimonial Builder Out There Charges An Expensive Monthly Fee And Has No One Time Payment Options.
Testimonio Gives You Way More Flexibility And Functionality For A Low, One-Time Payment, Only If You Buy Now.
How Do I Make Money With It?
Here You Have 4 Different Ways You Can Definitely Profit With Testimonio.
Testimonio Profit Making Opportunity #1: Collect And Display Video Testimonials To Skyrocket Traffic, Leads And Sales For Your Own Products And Services.
Testimonio Profit Making Opportunity #2: Collect And Display Video Testimonials To Skyrocket Traffic, Leads And Sales For Local Businesses And Charge Big Bucks In Exchange.
Testimonio Profit Making Opportunity #3: Collect And Display Video Testimonials To Skyrocket Traffic, Leads And Affiliate Sales By Advertising Other People’s Products.
Testimonio Profit Making Opportunity #4: List Your Video Testimonial Creation Service On Multiple Freelance Sites Like Upwork And Fiverr, And Charge Hundreds Per Video Testimonial.
Do I Have To Buy Today?
Yes, You Should. As I Mentioned Before, Every Single Testimonial Builder Out There Charges An Expensive Monthly Fee And Has No One Time Payment Options. Testimonio Gives You Way More Flexibility And Functionality For A Low, One-Time Payment, Only If You Buy Now.
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Do You Offer A Money Back Guarantee?
Absolutely. We Don't Want Your Money. We Want Your 100% Satisfaction. If You Don't Feel 100% Satisfied With Your Purchase, Please Send Us A Support Ticket And We Will Refund 100% Of Your Purchase, No Questions Asked.
All Rights Reserved © Testimonio.
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